Anabon Security is the North American distributor of Tiandy Technologies with over 30 years experience within the security industry. We have successfully provided solutions to the private sector as well as government, financial and correctional facilities.We believe that our product portfolio is extensive and represents products and technologies that meet the demands of modern-day security requirements. We work closely with our clients as well as our suppliers to not only provide product, but to provide solutions.

Online Support

We offer accessible online technology through our website, including software downloads, how-to videos, and product information. Our dedicated technical support team is available to help you troubleshoot any technical questions you may have.

Local Sales & Technical Support

Anabon team has sales representatives and technical consultants spread across the US and Canada to assist with your unique regional needs. Our experienced team is available to assist with product suggestions, installation questions, troubleshooting and more. We also understand that not all applications have the same requirement, budgetary or otherwise. Hence the variety of product available.

• Headquarters and warehouse in Rockville, MD

• Showroom and warehouse in Toronto, ON

• Showroom and warehouse in Vancouver, BC

• Sales Representatives and Technical Consultants located across North America

Anabon Team

The Anabon teams are filled with dedicated and experienced industry professionals who thrive on building relationships and working to provide the best possible experience for customers.

Our Services

We provide the best competitive value for all our products and services offered to our clients.


We cut out the middleman. You can speak & deal directly with qualified project managers.  You also save on costly sales commissions.


We provide easy to use applications that allow you to track, monitor and respond to activity on your premises 24/7 on your phone or computer.



We will have free online video courses for small business and clients regardless of your company and project size