NVR Overview

TIANDY TC-R3840 is a 40-channel 8-HDD NVR which is provided by four different specs in Pro and AI series of which Spec: I/F/N is equipped with face recognition technology.

Key Features

  • S+265 Compression
  • Support 40-ch input
  • Up to 12MP Resolution Recording
  • Incoming Bandwidth 320Mbps
  • Outgoing Bandwidth 320Mbps
  • 1:N face recognition (for Model I/F/N)

Sample Snapshots & Videos

Additional Information

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TC-R3840 has been released with four different configurations. 

  • TC-R3840 E/B/R/N
  • TC-R3840 E/B/N
  • TC-R3840 I/B/N
  • TC-R3840 I/F/N

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