Tiandy, in 2015, first introduced the idea of starlight technology for IP cameras and utilized it to produce a colourful and bright image in low-light conditions.

Early Warning

All-in-one Security

For the traditional IP cameras, it can only make a record of what happened, but Tiandy invented AEW which brought a revolution to the traditional technology to increase customers’ security level. AEW means auto-tracking early warning with flashing light, audio voice and laser tracking to prevent intrusion.

Early Warning

Super Private Guard

Far beyond than surveillance

IP cameras are a traditional technology for capturing footage; however, Tiandy has revolutionized this with the invention of AEW. By doing so, it has increased the security level of customers.

Far Beyond Surveillance The white light/visible laser/sound is used for pre-protection, in-process crime interference, and full protection for end-users.
This technology is often applied in PTZ systems, later also in EW bullet and turret cameras and at a more competitive price.

To enhance the accuracy of our alarm, we’ve installed a new technology to improve its accuracy by 80%. Now, we have a complete AEW solution for your safety and convenience.