Tiandy face recognition technology identifies subjects in a safe manner, meeting all of your security needs while also providing an affordable solution.

Face Recognition

Intelligent Identification

Tiandy’s face recognition technology is capable of intelligent identification and verification of subjects. This technology can accurately verify people’s identities based on their facial biometric patterns and data.

On the one hand everyone has unique biometric data related to face and facial expression; on the other hand, video identification using facial descriptions is a modern tool which implies a real-time identification process during just a few seconds applying deep learning artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art algorithms in artificial intelligence, Tiandy face recognition technology identifies subjects in a safe way to meet all your security needs in addition to offering an economical solution.

Face Recognition

See more than Ever

Get more information not limited to the face

Tiandy face recognition technology employs several techniques and processes, including face detection to detect and locate people’s faces, face capture to convert a face, also known as analogue information, into data, digital information based on facial features, and face match to determine whether two faces belong to the same person.

To provide optimized access management, the Tiandy facial recognition system can be seamlessly integrated with access control solutions and devices.

Furthermore, the Tiandy face recognition system greatly accelerates operators’ ability to respond in real-time or even prevent a broad range of criminal incidents, as well as conduct the most accurate investigations and evince after any incident for use in court.

Tiandy face recognition system is evolving with artificial intelligence technology to provide more functions not limited to faces, see more appearance descriptions and information, and reach the highest degree of intelligent functionality